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Celtic Astrology – New Kid On The Horoscope Block

Origins of The Celtic Zodiac

The Celtic Zodiacceltic tree astrology (Example Here) is based on the trees their creators – the Druids – held sacred. According to it, each of these represent certain character and personality traits, which in turn are associated with the lunar months – the 28-day cycles. They are the rowan, the ash, the alder, the willow, the hawthorn, the oak, the holly, the hazel, the vine, the ivy, the reed and the birch.

The Rowan

The first cycle begins on the 21st of January and ends on the 17th of February. Those born in this part of the year are considered thinkers, philosophical minds. They are often very original and creative, and enjoy intellectual activities such as reading and studying. Due to having very active minds, Rowan signs might seem aloof and distant from others.

The Ash

The second sign is The Ash, and it includes people born between the 18th of February and the 17th of March. Ash signs are very creative individuals, with refined senses and artistic capabilities. They are inspired by nature and have an enchanting personality. They have very strong emotions, which can make them very charismatic – but also moody on certain circumstances.

The Alder

Those of the Alder sign were born between the 18th of March and the 14th of April. They tend to have a strong cause and naturally inspire others to follow it. They are confident, faithful, focused, and tend to get along with everybody.

The Willow

Willow sign are great observers. They are those who were born from the 15th of April to the 12th of May, and tend to be incredibly intuitive and perceptive. They are more patient than most, and have inherent knowledge of many mystical aspects of life.

The Hawthorn

Born between the 16th of April and the 9th of June, Hawthorn signs are the most reserved. They tend to be different outward than on the inside: While they appear to be simple people with ordinary lives, they have a very complex inner structure, being very curious and usually interested in a broad range of topics.

The Oak

celtic cross imagePeople born under the Oak sign (between the 10th of June and the 7th of July) are gifted with strength. They are very protective and tend to fight for those who can’t stand up for themselves. They tend to be very generous and optimistic, while still powerful enough to protect the weak from evil.

The Holly

Those who were born after the 8th of July and before the 4th of August are natural leaders. They can take on all sorts of challenge skillfully and with confidence, a trait with goes well with their very high ambitions.

The Hazel

Born in between the 5th of August and the 1st of September, those under the sign of Hazel are usually very well informed. They tend to do well in school and be very attentive to all sorts of detail, and have the ability to recall from their wide knowledge base with incredible accuracy. They like structures, rules and order instead of chaos.

The Vine

Vine signs, born between the 2nd and 29th of September, are very unpredictable people. They can be indecisive or contradict themselves at times, but that is due to their amazing ability to see things from different perspectives. They are very empathic and of very fine taste.

The Ivy

Ivy signs are the most persistent. They are those born in between the 30th of September and 27th of October, and they are very passionate and persistent about they want, and seldom fail to achieve it. They are very enduring and can hold their own in practically any situation.

The Reed

Born after the 28th of October and before the 24th of November, Reed signs are keepers of secrets. The most important thing to them is to satiate their questions and discover the great truths hidden in things. They are often tuned to what’s going on in their communities and love interacting with people so they can understand them.

The Elder

Lastly, those born between the 25th of November and the 23th of Decembers are under the Elder Sign. These individuals love freedom and tend to be a bit thrill-seeking. They are very extroverted, genuine and honest people.



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Chinese Marriages – Influence Of Horoscopes

chinese new year photoWhen a person decides to find their soulmate, if they believe that this is a possibility, they will tend to lean toward esoteric practices such as astrology to help them out. If you can find people that are more compatible with you, at least based upon the zodiac signs, it narrows your list, making it more likely that at some point in time you will come across the person that is your perfect match. That is what traditional astrology does, how it helps people find individuals that may be right for them. There is another type of astrology that does the same thing, Chinese astrology, which is helpful in compatibility matching in China. A score for what Chinese astrology is, what compatibility matching is, and how it may be very effective in helping you locate that special someone that should be in your life.

What Is Chinese Astrology?

Unlike traditional astrology which looks at the month that you were born in, more specifically the zodiac sign that you were born under, Chinese astrology looks at the year that you were born in instead. There are 12 animals which are associated with the Chinese zodiac, though they are different with traditional astrology. Those animals include the monkey, dog, pig, ox, tiger, dragon, snake, sheep, rooster, rabbit, rat and horse. Each of these is attributed certain characteristics, some of which are compatible with the other animals. This means that someone born in a certain year may be more compatible with people born in other years. To discover who your soulmate is, you will have to do what is called compatibility matching.

Compatibility Matching

When you are looking at a regular zodiac chart, you’ll see that certain symbols are more compatible with others. For instance, in a regular astrology reading, if you were born under the sign of Aries, then you will be very compatible with a Gemini, but not with the Capricorn. In the same way, Chinese astrology also provides information in regard to which signs are more or less compatible with people born in different years. For instance, the rat which is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac is very charming and innovative, and will be most compatible with someone that is a snake or a monkey. Another example of this would be the fifth sign of the Chinese zodiac which is the dragon in which their fiery personality will be most compatible with a monkey or a rat.

Finding Your Soulmate

To find your soulmate, you will simply have to look through the Chinese zodiac to determine what year you were born. You will then find a website which can show you which animal you are associated with, and the other signs that are associated with yours. Although most people on dating sites, or even people that you meet, typically only know their regular zodiac sign, you can look at the similarities associated with their zodiac sign, in comparison to what the Chinese astrology websites will tell you to look for, and you will be able to assess whether this person will be the best match for you.

Although finding your soulmate may not occur as this is not scientific but based upon ancient practices, it at least gives you an idea of what personality traits are compatible with yours. It gives you a better idea of what to look for in another human being, and by simply assessing what you’re zodiac sign is in Chinese astrology, you will have a better idea of who will be the perfect match for you should you find this person, a person you may spend the rest of your life with.

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Why Women Like Love Astrology Today

love photoAstrology, often confused with astronomy, is a system of divination. It is the use of astronomical phenomena in order to determine decisions on your life path. For thousands of years, people have believed that the movements of the stars, and our position in our solar system in comparison to other planets and heavenly bodies, can actually play a role in the path that we are to take with our lives, and also help us make decisions. Astrology is something that many women love to use for a variety of different reasons. Here are the top three reasons why women like love astrology and use it today.

How Astrology Works

Astrology works in different ways depending upon where it originated. Each culture will have a different way of processing the information that is utilized from the patterns of the stars. Although the ancient roots of astrology are still the same, the interpretation of the data is what will change throughout the ages, and with different cultures in which this science of divination is practiced. It works by considering what constellation the sun is in when you are born. This is the beginning of the process of astrology in relation to your life path. As time passes, the positions of the Earth, moon, sun, and planets in the solar system, in comparison sometimes with stars, can help it astrologist make determinations in regard to a person’s life.

What Is Love Astrology?

Probably the most popular version of astrology is that aspect of it which helps people find their soulmate. A person’s soulmate is the individual that they are supposed to meet in this life and spend their life with. The definition of a soulmate can vary from culture to culture, and can actually be completely opposite from one culture to the next. In Western society, it is often believed that your soulmate is a person that complements, adding to your life what is missing in order to make you whole. In other cultures, your soulmate is the person that challenges you, pushes you to your limits. The way that you interact with this person, and the choices that you make, will help you become a better person. Regardless of the definition, love astrology is used to find this other individual using the signs that are seen in the heavens in correlation with your birth.

Does Love Astrology Work?

Although many people believe that this particular pseudoscience is more of a subjective experience than something that can produce actual results, many people have used love astrology to find a loved one, the person they are meant to spend their life with. The ability to have a heads up in regard to what this person may be like, where they will show up in your life, and the type of person they will be, gives you an advantage over blindly walking through life hoping that someone will manifest, and individual that you will love and want to spend the rest of your life with. In reality, astrological compatibility can work if it is applied, and you actually believe that it can help you. Love astrology is the same, something that can at least give people a general direction to go in in order to find their soulmate in this life.

Glamping Trips For Business Team Building

Most companies are aware that their employees are much more productive if they engage in teambuilding exercises. Many techniques including games, competitions or awards have been used to encourage teambuilding. More corporations are realizing that it is beneficial to take employees to a different setting to engage in these activities.

Glamping CampfireA glamping weekend, or in other words a comfortable camping trip is a cost-efficient way of providing employees with an unusual setting where they can relax and get to know one another. A glamping weekend is a lot more affordable than taking employees to a resort or a hotel and teambuilding exercises are very easy to implement in a camping setting.

It is important to establish a difference between glamping and camping. Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping and refers to a camping trip made comfortable thanks to high quality equipment and small luxuries. Employees will be more likely to relax and engage in teambuilding activities if they are not uncomfortable during the company’s camping trip.
Glamping will provide employees with a relaxed environment where they can have fun and be themselves. The employees who remember going to camp during their childhood will probably feel nostalgic and easily get into the games and other activities planned. It might be necessary to motivate employees and convince them to take part in different activities by offering awards.

The goal of teambuilding is to convey the idea that everyone wins when employees work together for a common cause. This idea can easily be conveyed through everyday activities. You could for instance ask employees to form teams and put each team in charge of something. A team could set up the camp while another goes on a hike to the nearest grocery store to bring back a dinner. Do not miss out on any opportunities to get employees to achieve something as a team.

Plan different activities so that teams can compete against each other and employees can develop their leadership and teambuilding skills. You could for instance organize a football game, a scavenger hunt or a race. Improvisation activities such as riddles or charades are a great way to create a competitive atmosphere without asking employees to engage in physical activities. Encourage employees to give you some feedback on the activities and to suggest games they like.

The activities and games will help employees develop their teambuilding skills if the atmosphere is all about cooperation. The activities and games in themselves do not really matter as long as you clearly communicate what the goal is and what is expected of them. Encourage everyone to participate and make sure employees know how to make each other comfortable so no one feels left out of the activities.

Planning a teambuilding weekend is a lot of work. Glamping is the ideal setting because you can easily take employees to an isolated locations where they will not have to interact with the outside world during the entire trip. Plan games and activities in advance and do your best to create the right atmosphere.

Why Do People Become Cosmetologists

You must have frequently noticed pretty women on the walkway, conversing, as their hair glimmer because of some dark rooted or corn blonde highlights. Another common observation is French manicured. Pointed and squared nails also appear to be trendy. Hair styling as well as hair care has reached a whole new height and the razor sharp hairdos and unblemished skin have been in demand too. All of these are as a result of the increase in high fashion and beauty needs of individuals. The beauty industry is now spreading like fire.

So, what is a beauty therapist or a cosmetologist? This is a beauty specialist who is trained in treating the hair and skin as well as nails. A beauty therapist may care for a client, and may also consult with clients and give suggestions concerning suitable hairstyles and skincare options as well as the best colors and correct application of cosmetics. The specialist with advanced skills may also provide massages and therapeutic treatments, and advice clients on hygienic practices as well as hair, nail or skin care between the visits to the salon.

To become a beauty therapist or a cosmetologist, one has to take a course in cosmetology, the study of the beauty application and treatment. Nowadays, it’s one among the best professions. The rage of beauty can never subside particularly when ladies are concerned. Everybody wants to look younger and attractive and that is where a cosmetologist steps in.

Just like any other course, cosmetology too, has its profound know-hows and skills. Since the profession is similar to art forms, if the art has to be mastered, then person needs to go through appropriate education and training.

Nowadays, numerous numbers of beauty colleges and centers have sprung up, and you need to be cautious when selecting the institution you’ll ultimately settle down with. Make sure you are offered the most modernized courses and advanced equipment. Also, remember that you need to be well equipped for license exam that is usually a written test. To become a specialized beauty therapist, you must pass this test and obtain the license.

In U.S.A, all states require cosmetologists to be licensed. Normally, an individual needs to have graduated from any state-licensed school in order to acquire the entitlement. In a beauty school that is licensed by the state, certificate programs in general cosmetology usually takes just about a year to finish. Specialized courses consist of esthetics and nail technology and are normally of shorter time period, lasting anywhere from weeks to 6 months. In the higher learning institutions, you can even obtain degree in cosmetology. A variety of courses in permanent makeup and makeup artistry, hairstyling and color, facials, manicure and pedicure, massage therapy and spa among other things is offered to an individual to choose from.

Nowadays, you can search for the recognized institutions in web listings or even the yellow pages. Enroll with these institutions that educate their students, not only on salon careers in fields of nail, hair, and skin practices but also for favorable careers in film and television as well as personal styling areas. Soon after you’ve graduated and passed your course in cosmetology, you will be a professional beauty therapist and you can own salons or have your own beauty school to help pass on the expertise you have acquired.

Can Astrology help With Career Choices

Astrology and Career DecisionsCan astrology help with career choices? Well, if you are in a career that you have no passion for and do not even like, and yet you do not have the slightest idea why, you could always turn to astrology for answers. You may hate going to work and you are perfectly aware of the reason why. In this case, you can fix your problem easily. However, you may at times find yourself not able to figure out what make your work so frustrating and unsatisfying. You probably took the job just for the fact that you needed a job to help you cater for your basic needs completely ignoring the fact of whether you fin enjoyment in it or not.

While you may be okay with just having a job to pay the bills, there are people, especially those whose moon is in the 10th or 6th house, who will be extremely unsatisfied with not being able to derive enjoyment from their job. But to be honest, there are very few people who can pride themselves in having a job that they can enjoy. As such, astrologers have taken it upon themselves to perform career readings to help you identify your career path.

Having said that, there are some fundamentals of determining your career choice based on astrology. If you have never given a thought to your career choice, you should read through this article to see which career path that you are best suited for. It will give you a solid idea based on the characteristic and personalities of the different signs. See if anything reminds you of something.

Can astrology help with career choices?


Cardinal (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries.)

These are very sharp and fast when it comes to decision making and for the most part love being in charge. They do not perform well when it comes to executing orders especially when they feel or think that they are smarter than the boss.

Fixed (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus)

Those who fall under this mode prefer to feel stable and do not love change. A job that has a definite and constant routine with very few surprises if any is the best for these people. They however tend to deal with challenges very efficiently and without hesitation.

Mutable (Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini)

These people are very flexible and can adapt very fast to change as well as variety. They prefer to be in jobs that are different every single day and love being happy. Routine is boring for them. They enjoy learning new tips and tricks and gaining experience. The love changing jobs often and are frequently faced with more than one interest each time.

Can astrology help with career choices? Elements

There are several different elements that include: – Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These elements have different career considerations as well. For instance, fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), love excitement and do not handle boredom very well. Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) on the other hand love stability. Air (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra) and Water (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) love to communicate and thrive on emotions respectively.

Finally as we finish up, Can astrology help with career choices? By now you should have the answer to this. And yes as you might have guessed it. The answer is a resounding yes.



Why Is Rosacea Still Such a Problem

Rosacea is a fairly common medical condition in adults, which causes a discomforting hot flushed face appearance and some swelling. While rosacea is not life-threatening, it is often embarrassing for those who suffer from it, as it can be mistaken for acne. The exact cause of rosacea is unclear, but many physicians have put forth theories on the root origins of the disease.

Hot Red Cheeks From RosaceaWhile rosacea is not acne, it is fairly typical for those who suffer from it to also have adult acne. Unlike acne, however, the redness and swelling associated with rosacea does not simply disappear with time. Some doctors believe that there is a connection between the two, with acne being a predecessor that triggers rosacea.

The most commonly accepted theory at this time involves the capillaries of the face. These tiny blood vessels are very close to the surface, and dilating them can cause the redness that accompanies the condition. There may be a genetic condition that makes people more susceptible to the flush, and environmental factors can trigger the reaction.

Other physicians believe that rosacea is caused by malformations and deformities of the blood vessels in the face. They explain this by saying that these deformities may cause irritation, which in turn causes the vessels to swell and redden. Many doctors believe that this explanation lacks important information, such as the reason that the vessels are deformed to begin with.

Microscopic mites are thought to be the culprit in some circles of the medical community. These mites are extremely common throughout the human population, but it is believed that some people may have a higher sensitivity to them, or that there may be larger numbers of the mites on people with rosacea. You may well want to research these if you saying to yourself ‘help, there’s a red rash on my face and it’s awful’.

Certain bacterium found in the stomach could be the main trigger for the condition. H. pylori is known to be able to cause blood vessel dilation through development of specific proteins, which would result in a reddening of the face. Physicians have not yet determined why this would be localized to the facial reason, though this could be the result of the proteins being stored in the facial area.

Genetic factors appear to be very important in the development of rosacea, and roughly a third of people who have it will end up passing it to their children. Scientists have not yet isolated which gene carries the condition, so it is unsure if the gene has the actual disease or just a predisposition to it. Isolating the gene could help doctors treat or even cure the disorder.

While the cause of rosacea is still to be determined, many of the triggers have been identified. Some foods that can set off the swelling include spicy foods, caffeine, and dairy. Environmental triggers include high winds, sunshine, high humidity, and temperature extremes.

Suffering from rosacea can be an embarrassing secret that many hide from their friends and families. The cause is still unknown, but many people can prevent triggering their symptoms by avoiding certain factors. Rosacea can be easier to live with than it seems.

Interest In Tamil Vedic Horoscopes Moves West

Interest in Vedic Astrology appears to be moving West with this particular form of divination attracting believers and non-believers alike.

So, What exactly is Vedic or Tamil astrology?

Tamil Lady - Does Astrology Work FOr Her?In a nutshell, it is the study of the stars, planets and other celestial (space) bodies in relation to their effects they have on human beings, animals and all aspects of the world as we know it. Most people wonder about the differences between Tamil and Vedic astrology, however, they are quite similar. In fact, Tamil astrology is a part of Vedic astrology which makes these two types interconnected. Vedic astrology is connected to the Hindu religion, which is signified by the use of the word, “vedic.” This means that it is connected to the spiritual realm and of course, divine revelation. Tamil astrology, on the other hand is known to have been originated in the Indian state, Tamil Nada and is seen as a very scientific type of astrology.

Astrology is used to divine many things in human life, some of which include birth or natal charts, past karma, probability of future relationships, career, money, success and many other of life’s important questions. Many westerners doubt the truth of this science; however, astrology has been around for thousands of years and is deeply rooted in culture and mysticism.

The truth of the matter is that it can neither hurt nor do any harm to get a reading and there are many ways you can get one. The first step is to determine what type of reading you wish to get. The first reading I ever purchased was a birth or natal chart. These charts plot the exact positions of celestial bodies at the exact location, day, month, year and time of your birth. Once the natal chart has been created, it then has to be translated by a qualified astrologer so that you can understand the meanings. Personally, I have found the natal chart to quite accurately describe my personality, disposition and issues that have cropped up throughout my life.

Another popular astrology reading is the relationship or love astrology reading. This type of reading compares the birth information of two people who are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship. The whole purpose of this is to determine compatibility and help prevent or strengthen their bond. Compatibility readings will usually compare the basic personality traits of each person and determine whether they will clash or complement each other. These readings will often describe how emotionally connected you two will become, the effect you both will have on each other and the probability of a happy future.

A third type of popular reading is career, health and karma. Both Tamil and Vedic astrology can help a person reveal what their true talents are and the best career for them. It can also warn of potential health issues and the Karma that their soul brought into this life that they have to work out.

Astrology is a wonderful science that is a great tool that we can use to better understand ourselves and the world around us. However, like any tool, it must be used with caution and not be relied upon completely. Free will shall always reign.

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Natural Bowel Cleansing 101

According to the medical dictionary, the bowel is the name given to both the small and large intestines. This is where nutrients and minerals are absorbed and needless to say, the section is susceptible to toxins and myriad infections. This is why doctors advise you to conduct regular bowel cleansing but the problem is that scientific methods are quite invasive. People choose natural bowel cleansing methods to stave off diseases and improve absorption of necessary nutrients but to understand what is natural bowel cleansing, you need to learn some methods of doing it.

Colon Large Intestine

Here are some natural methods of bowel cleansing to start you off;

· Eat fruits and vegetables whole to preserve the fiber which is useful in enhancing toxin removal. Mashing, grinding or chopping breaks down the fiber before it can be used up by the body. If possible it is best to consume them raw.

· The bowel releases waste better when there is effective blood flow through your system. To promote this, commit sometime to rigorous cardio exercise every day.

· The most foolproof way to cleanse your bowel is by drinking lots of water. This keeps your digestive tract busy and gives a way for waste to get out without adhering to the bowel walls.

· Experts advise that besides taking enough water and fiber, you must get enough rest to promote proper gut processes.

· There is a huge variety of herbs work to flush out toxins in the bowel. Marshmallow root, fennel and ricorice are among the favorite teas to flush out toxins. You can take three cups daily for best results.

· Yoghurt full of live cultures is a good way to cleanse the colon and ileum walls as they contain probiotics which replenish intestinal walls.


· Take some lemon honey tea for a fast bowel cleanse.

Natural quick bowel cleansing methods work for all people because they do not alter the normal processes of your body. If your bowel is clogged with toxins, there are nasty effects that follow. The most common symptoms of a bowel that needs natural cleansing are; headaches, stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea and a plethora of skin problems.

Cleansing your bowel is the first step toward a healthy lifestyle because by being conscious about its state, you will put the right things in your body. As you indulge in healthy foods and constant physical activity it is important to avoid foods that might expose you to toxins. Junk foods contain high amounts of sodium and metal traces which might expose you to complications.

If this article has piqued your interest in home intestinal cleansing then you may like to try home natural products like Digestit and take the next step.

What News Types Are Popular On The Internet?

Wierd NewsAn impressive quantity of content is uploaded on a daily basis to the Internet. Only a small percentage gets a significant amount of attention and the percentage of content that goes viral is almost small enough to be negligible. If you create content and upload it online, you need to figure out which formats will attract your target audience. Here is a list of the formats that work best for news stories. News stories with pictures or videos draw more attention than stories with a simple text. Before you publish a news story, look for a relevant picture that can be used to illustrate it. Actual pictures of the event you are writing about are a big plus. You should also look into filming videos of the events you write about. This should be fairly easy if you write about community events or talk about the latest projects your business has been working on. Choose the topic of your news stories carefully. Your topics should be adapted to the audience you are targeting. When you publish a news story, keep track of how many visits or comments it generates. You can then use this data to determine which topics or which formats your audience likes best. For instance, some target audiences will primarily be interested in news stories about politics while others will be more likely to click on stories about celebrity gossip or entertainment news. Presenting your article in a manner that is easy to read will make a big difference. Readers will not go through an article that looks like a solid paragraph. If possible, organize your article is several paragraphs and use subtitles so readers can easily follow the progression of the story. You can also use pictures to break the flow of text. Top ten lists are an incredibly successful format. Most serious news sites do not use this format but you will often come across top ten lists if you browse through entertainment news or social media networks. These lists are appealing because they are very easy to read. Readers can skim through the list and still understand everything. You can easily add pictures to illustrate each item on your lists. Your titles are very important. Regardless of the format you use, readers will not click on an article unless the title is appealing. Ideally, your titles should be filled with keyword and clearly state the topic of your news story. You will have to figure out what kind of titles your audience responds to. Some niches might prefer shocking titles while others will be more likely to click on a title if there is a funny play on words. Think about the value of your news stories. A story that is valuable to your audience will probably be shared on social media, which means you will reach out to a wider audience. What makes a story valuable depends on the audience you are targeting. Your readers might for instance be likely to share an uplifting story while others will want to share shocking gossip stories about their favorite celebrities. You need to keep track of which news stories your readers shared the most so you can provide them with more similar content. These tips will help you create news stories that will interest your audience. Keep in mind that your niche is unique and that you will have to figure out which topics or formats work best with your audience. Find efficient analytics tools you can use to keep track of how popular your news stories are to learn more about your audience and what interests them.