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Chinese Marriages – Influence Of Horoscopes

chinese new year photoWhen a person decides to find their soulmate, if they believe that this is a possibility, they will tend to lean toward esoteric practices such as astrology to help them out. If you can find people that are more compatible with you, at least based upon the zodiac signs, it narrows your list, making it more likely that at some point in time you will come across the person that is your perfect match. That is what traditional astrology does, how it helps people find individuals that may be right for them. There is another type of astrology that does the same thing, Chinese astrology, which is helpful in compatibility matching in China. A score for what Chinese astrology is, what compatibility matching is, and how it may be very effective in helping you locate that special someone that should be in your life.

What Is Chinese Astrology?

Unlike traditional astrology which looks at the month that you were born in, more specifically the zodiac sign that you were born under, Chinese astrology looks at the year that you were born in instead. There are 12 animals which are associated with the Chinese zodiac, though they are different with traditional astrology. Those animals include the monkey, dog, pig, ox, tiger, dragon, snake, sheep, rooster, rabbit, rat and horse. Each of these is attributed certain characteristics, some of which are compatible with the other animals. This means that someone born in a certain year may be more compatible with people born in other years. To discover who your soulmate is, you will have to do what is called compatibility matching.

Compatibility Matching

When you are looking at a regular zodiac chart, you’ll see that certain symbols are more compatible with others. For instance, in a regular astrology reading, if you were born under the sign of Aries, then you will be very compatible with a Gemini, but not with the Capricorn. In the same way, Chinese astrology also provides information in regard to which signs are more or less compatible with people born in different years. For instance, the rat which is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac is very charming and innovative, and will be most compatible with someone that is a snake or a monkey. Another example of this would be the fifth sign of the Chinese zodiac which is the dragon in which their fiery personality will be most compatible with a monkey or a rat.

Finding Your Soulmate

To find your soulmate, you will simply have to look through the Chinese zodiac to determine what year you were born. You will then find a website which can show you which animal you are associated with, and the other signs that are associated with yours. Although most people on dating sites, or even people that you meet, typically only know their regular zodiac sign, you can look at the similarities associated with their zodiac sign, in comparison to what the Chinese astrology websites will tell you to look for, and you will be able to assess whether this person will be the best match for you.

Although finding your soulmate may not occur as this is not scientific but based upon ancient practices, it at least gives you an idea of what personality traits are compatible with yours. It gives you a better idea of what to look for in another human being, and by simply assessing what you’re zodiac sign is in Chinese astrology, you will have a better idea of who will be the perfect match for you should you find this person, a person you may spend the rest of your life with.

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Why Women Like Love Astrology Today

love photoAstrology, often confused with astronomy, is a system of divination. It is the use of astronomical phenomena in order to determine decisions on your life path. For thousands of years, people have believed that the movements of the stars, and our position in our solar system in comparison to other planets and heavenly bodies, can actually play a role in the path that we are to take with our lives, and also help us make decisions. Astrology is something that many women love to use for a variety of different reasons. Here are the top three reasons why women like love astrology and use it today.

How Astrology Works

Astrology works in different ways depending upon where it originated. Each culture will have a different way of processing the information that is utilized from the patterns of the stars. Although the ancient roots of astrology are still the same, the interpretation of the data is what will change throughout the ages, and with different cultures in which this science of divination is practiced. It works by considering what constellation the sun is in when you are born. This is the beginning of the process of astrology in relation to your life path. As time passes, the positions of the Earth, moon, sun, and planets in the solar system, in comparison sometimes with stars, can help it astrologist make determinations in regard to a person’s life.

What Is Love Astrology?

Probably the most popular version of astrology is that aspect of it which helps people find their soulmate. A person’s soulmate is the individual that they are supposed to meet in this life and spend their life with. The definition of a soulmate can vary from culture to culture, and can actually be completely opposite from one culture to the next. In Western society, it is often believed that your soulmate is a person that complements, adding to your life what is missing in order to make you whole. In other cultures, your soulmate is the person that challenges you, pushes you to your limits. The way that you interact with this person, and the choices that you make, will help you become a better person. Regardless of the definition, love astrology is used to find this other individual using the signs that are seen in the heavens in correlation with your birth.

Does Love Astrology Work?

Although many people believe that this particular pseudoscience is more of a subjective experience than something that can produce actual results, many people have used love astrology to find a loved one, the person they are meant to spend their life with. The ability to have a heads up in regard to what this person may be like, where they will show up in your life, and the type of person they will be, gives you an advantage over blindly walking through life hoping that someone will manifest, and individual that you will love and want to spend the rest of your life with. In reality, astrological compatibility can work if it is applied, and you actually believe that it can help you. Love astrology is the same, something that can at least give people a general direction to go in in order to find their soulmate in this life.