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Origins of The Celtic Zodiac

The Celtic Zodiacceltic tree astrology (Example Here) is based on the trees their creators – the Druids – held sacred. According to it, each of these represent certain character and personality traits, which in turn are associated with the lunar months – the 28-day cycles. They are the rowan, the ash, the alder, the willow, the hawthorn, the oak, the holly, the hazel, the vine, the ivy, the reed and the birch.

The Rowan

The first cycle begins on the 21st of January and ends on the 17th of February. Those born in this part of the year are considered thinkers, philosophical minds. They are often very original and creative, and enjoy intellectual activities such as reading and studying. Due to having very active minds, Rowan signs might seem aloof and distant from others.

The Ash

The second sign is The Ash, and it includes people born between the 18th of February and the 17th of March. Ash signs are very creative individuals, with refined senses and artistic capabilities. They are inspired by nature and have an enchanting personality. They have very strong emotions, which can make them very charismatic – but also moody on certain circumstances.

The Alder

Those of the Alder sign were born between the 18th of March and the 14th of April. They tend to have a strong cause and naturally inspire others to follow it. They are confident, faithful, focused, and tend to get along with everybody.

The Willow

Willow sign are great observers. They are those who were born from the 15th of April to the 12th of May, and tend to be incredibly intuitive and perceptive. They are more patient than most, and have inherent knowledge of many mystical aspects of life.

The Hawthorn

Born between the 16th of April and the 9th of June, Hawthorn signs are the most reserved. They tend to be different outward than on the inside: While they appear to be simple people with ordinary lives, they have a very complex inner structure, being very curious and usually interested in a broad range of topics.

The Oak

celtic cross imagePeople born under the Oak sign (between the 10th of June and the 7th of July) are gifted with strength. They are very protective and tend to fight for those who can’t stand up for themselves. They tend to be very generous and optimistic, while still powerful enough to protect the weak from evil.

The Holly

Those who were born after the 8th of July and before the 4th of August are natural leaders. They can take on all sorts of challenge skillfully and with confidence, a trait with goes well with their very high ambitions.

The Hazel

Born in between the 5th of August and the 1st of September, those under the sign of Hazel are usually very well informed. They tend to do well in school and be very attentive to all sorts of detail, and have the ability to recall from their wide knowledge base with incredible accuracy. They like structures, rules and order instead of chaos.

The Vine

Vine signs, born between the 2nd and 29th of September, are very unpredictable people. They can be indecisive or contradict themselves at times, but that is due to their amazing ability to see things from different perspectives. They are very empathic and of very fine taste.

The Ivy

Ivy signs are the most persistent. They are those born in between the 30th of September and 27th of October, and they are very passionate and persistent about they want, and seldom fail to achieve it. They are very enduring and can hold their own in practically any situation.

The Reed

Born after the 28th of October and before the 24th of November, Reed signs are keepers of secrets. The most important thing to them is to satiate their questions and discover the great truths hidden in things. They are often tuned to what’s going on in their communities and love interacting with people so they can understand them.

The Elder

Lastly, those born between the 25th of November and the 23th of Decembers are under the Elder Sign. These individuals love freedom and tend to be a bit thrill-seeking. They are very extroverted, genuine and honest people.

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