Glamping Trips For Business Team Building

Most companies are aware that their employees are much more productive if they engage in teambuilding exercises. Many techniques including games, competitions or awards have been used to encourage teambuilding. More corporations are realizing that it is beneficial to take employees to a different setting to engage in these activities.

Glamping CampfireA glamping weekend, or in other words a comfortable camping trip is a cost-efficient way of providing employees with an unusual setting where they can relax and get to know one another. A glamping weekend is a lot more affordable than taking employees to a resort or a hotel and teambuilding exercises are very easy to implement in a camping setting.

It is important to establish a difference between glamping and camping. Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping and refers to a camping trip made comfortable thanks to high quality equipment and small luxuries. Employees will be more likely to relax and engage in teambuilding activities if they are not uncomfortable during the company’s camping trip.
Glamping will provide employees with a relaxed environment where they can have fun and be themselves. The employees who remember going to camp during their childhood will probably feel nostalgic and easily get into the games and other activities planned. It might be necessary to motivate employees and convince them to take part in different activities by offering awards.

The goal of teambuilding is to convey the idea that everyone wins when employees work together for a common cause. This idea can easily be conveyed through everyday activities. You could for instance ask employees to form teams and put each team in charge of something. A team could set up the camp while another goes on a hike to the nearest grocery store to bring back a dinner. Do not miss out on any opportunities to get employees to achieve something as a team.

Plan different activities so that teams can compete against each other and employees can develop their leadership and teambuilding skills. You could for instance organize a football game, a scavenger hunt or a race. Improvisation activities such as riddles or charades are a great way to create a competitive atmosphere without asking employees to engage in physical activities. Encourage employees to give you some feedback on the activities and to suggest games they like.

The activities and games will help employees develop their teambuilding skills if the atmosphere is all about cooperation. The activities and games in themselves do not really matter as long as you clearly communicate what the goal is and what is expected of them. Encourage everyone to participate and make sure employees know how to make each other comfortable so no one feels left out of the activities.

Planning a teambuilding weekend is a lot of work. Glamping is the ideal setting because you can easily take employees to an isolated locations where they will not have to interact with the outside world during the entire trip. Plan games and activities in advance and do your best to create the right atmosphere.

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